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The shining treasure at the end of this path is your life: fully expressed with energy, productivity, passion, joy, love, power, connection and clarity.
—Jackie Woodside

Create a Life You Love!

What would make your life just perfect?

• More money?

• A job you love?

A deep sense of purpose?

Upcoming Events

Fulfilling relationships?

Relief from stress?

At Inspired Life by Design we believe all of this is possible for you. Our programs take you deep into what is most important to you and help you transform your experience from a life that’s “just ok” to a life you love.
How long will you wait to live the life you really want?
See some of the results our clients have achieved:


Since starting Life Design, I have left my full-time job of 5 years, began my freelance career and am working all over the country at the major companies I only dreamt of working at 20 years from now.

— Suzanne J


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