Continuing Education Programs (CEUs/CE) 

Do You Have a Job or Does Your Job Have You? How to Make Your Workplace Work for You.

Suffering from overwhelm? Feeling disconnected from the passion you once had? Are you just working until you can retire? What if there could be another way?   


These programs meet Massachusetts requirements for continuing Education Units for Licensed Social Workers, Nurses and Occupational Therapists.


Join Certified Life Design Coaches Amanda Coburn and Dina Crawford to explore ways to create more ease, meaning and even enjoyment into your workplace. This program has been approved for 3 Massachusetts Social Work CEUs. It meets the standards for 3 Massachusetts Contact Hours for Nurses and Occupational Therapists.

Contact us for more info and to sign up for a Continuing Education Program that makes your workplace work for you.

Thriving in Turbulent Times

Free Live Interactive Online Session  •  September 1st @ 7pm

Join us to learn how your inner wisdom can help you access a sustainable sense of peace and happiness regardless of external circumstances.


Do you feel at the mercy of circumstances?

Waiting for the other shoe to drop?


Are you tired of people telling you what you should and shouldn’t do to survive these unprecedented times?

Between the pandemic and politics it seems that our peace of mind has been challenged on a daily basis.  


Join Certified Life Design Coaches Amanda Coburn and Dina Crawford for a free, live, interactive Zoom session to explore a sustainable approach to building resilience and maintaining peace of mind during any time.  You will learn to apply powerful strategies based in your own inner wisdom that result in greater satisfaction and serenity regardless of your circumstances.

Questions about this event?  Contact us.

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