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About Us

Meet the dynamic duo...

Founded in 2018, Inspired Life by Design is a joyful and lively collaboration between Certified Life Design Coaches Dina Crawford and Amanda Coburn.  Each coach brings a wealth of experience, a unique perspective and powerful passion for personal and organizational transformation. 

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Our Joy:
Witnessing miracles in the everyday lives of extraordinary people.

Our Mission:
Inspired life by Design propels people and organizations beyond what they thought possible, supporting them as they elevate their human experience and become the wholehearted expression of their highest potential.

Our Values:

  • Lightheartedness

  • Creativity

  • Transformation of Consciousness

  • Contribution

  • Community

Amanda Coburn, MSW, LICSW, CLDC

In her 20 plus years as a medical social worker, Amanda has been privileged to share in the journeys of persons living with dementia, mental illness and substance abuse disorders as well as the families who support and love them. She holds the belief that there is hope and possibility in all life circumstances creating opportunities for each person to discover happiness, wholeness and the quality of life that resonates with them.


As a certified Life Design Coach, Amanda lives her mission to inspire others to manifest their highest expression. Rooted in New England, family, friends and nature are of great importance. As a talented and ardent quilter, Amanda looks at life like a quilt — with lots of little unique pieces of various colors, textures and infinite combinations that when put together make a work of art that can be breathtaking.

Amanda’s Life Design Story

I created many new external changes in my life through Life Design however, the biggest impact occurred with my “internal world.” Before Life Design I identified as an old soul, shy, introverted and socially inept. I had daily anxiety and low-grade depression. I was a homebody who lived within an 8-mile radius of my home to keep safe from the fear of looking badly in public. Since Life Design, my experience of my life has joy and happiness. I am confident in my interactions with others and regularly enjoy time out of my home and being with people. Many have reflected that I “look different” as a result. I feel different! My life before the program looked successful and put together, but I now experience the true joy and happiness of living a fulfilled, successful life — by design!

Dina Crawford, MHA, CLDC

Dina has over 30 years of experience in health care including 15 years in management positions at hospitals.  She has been active in the field of health and healing both as a business owner and speaker for over 20 years. A passionate advocate for holistic well-being, Dina has presented workshops and seminars throughout New England on topics such as Stress Management, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Spirituality and Health and The Power of Personal Peace.

In addition to her work at Inspired Life by Design, Dina teaches communication and physical exam skills to students at medical schools in Boston and is the founding president of a cancer support non-profit, North of Boston Cancer Resource.  Dina’s passions extend to sunrise photography, participating in community theater productions, playing ice hockey and spending time with her grandsons, Tommy and Julian.  She resides in Salisbury, Massachusetts.

Dina’s Life Design Story

In 2015 I took a big, somewhat scary, leap, leaving a successful career as a manager in healthcare.  Although this work was important, I longed to contribute more personally to the well-being of others and to do something that would make my heart sing!  I had a lot of ideas but lacked clarity and confidence in what my next steps should be. Frankly, I was at a loss. I had a long-standing dream to help people with cancer.  I also knew that the work I found most rewarding, over the years, was owning my own health and healing practice and as a life coach, where I was able to witness the transformations people experienced when they committed themselves to their own growth and well-being. 

In 2016 I had the opportunity to participate in a Life Design group program.  It was a game changer!  Through the Life Design process I gained the clarity and confidence I needed to propel me into the making the most of my gifts and creating a deeply fulfilling and joyful life that truly reflects what is most important to me, in my work life, my personal life and volunteer activities.

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