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Tired of having your life on hold?


We may blame it on the pandemic but so many of us were doing that anyway, living life in default mode and waiting for the good stuff to come in the future. "I'll be happy WHEN...I get that great new the love of my life...have more money...(the pandemic's over)...and on and on." Are you ready to be happy now? Life Design can get you there AND help you achieve those big dreams!

"I was able to find the power within to lead the life I wanted."

Life design came at a crucial time in my life. I was at a crossroads. Through the coaching process I was able to find the power within to lead the life I wanted. It gave me to courage to do what I truly love and the changes it’s made in my life are indescribable. I feel at peace and inspired. I’ve begun the defining journey of my life.

                                                                                                     — Alexa H

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What makes Life Design different from other coaching you may have considered?

  • A proven step-by-step process that inspires and supports you in taking action, addressing every aspect of your life

  • 16 hours (8 two hour sessions) of Live Interactive Coaching in a group setting via Zoom with 2 Certified Life Design Coaches

  • Weekly calls providing accountability and support

  • Comprehensive Life Design Workbook to keep you on track

We know you want your life to be full, meaningful and to feel good to you, in alignment with what is most important to you.


And, perhaps there is something inside of you longing to be expressed, your unique contribution to the world. You may not even know what that is…

Time after time, as we have facilitated the Life Design course, what has unfolded for our clients has been a greater sense of ease and joy in life and more clarity about who they are here to be in this world.  This has resulted in an amazing expansion of their sense of what is possible for them.  Major positive changes have happened — new careers, increased income and enhanced relationships, to name a few. What we have noticed most recently during our current circumstances, is that they are more resilient and experience a profound awareness of their ability to navigate uncertainty more peacefully and happily than they would have otherwise.

The Life Design program is offered via Zoom.

  1. 3-month LIVE INTERACTIVE  group coaching program

  2. 16 hours (8 two-hour Zoom sessions)

  3. A proven step-by-step system for transformation 

Session 1:  Assessing Your Life--you can’t change what you don’t see

Session 2:  Getting Clear on What’s Important to You

Session 3:  Declaring your Mission

Session 4: Focusing on Your Consciousness

Session 5:  Designing an Empowering Vision

Session 6: Setting Goals and Getting into Action

Session 7:  Elevating your Experience

Session 8:  Creating a Compelling Future

 4. Two experienced Certified Life Design Coaches to walk you through the program.

(That’s two  for the price of one!)

 5. Weekly calls (1 hour) with your personal peer accountability team to keep you on track

 6. Comprehensive Life Design Workbook in digital format.

 7. Support from your coaches by phone or email for the duration of the course. 


So what do you think?  Are you on board?  We would be so excited for you to step into your power and start designing the life and the future you truly want for yourself. 

Program Dates
(all sessions 6 - 8 pm)
April 27
May 11
May 25
June 8
June 22
July 6
July 20
August 3

For questions or to schedule a free consultation to find out if Life Design is for you, contact us.