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Are you a heart-centered woman whose children are leaving (or have left) the nest and you're uncertain about what's next for you?

Have you been so busy being a great mom that you've put some things on hold?

 Are you feeling like you want to make the most of this next chapter but you're not sure how?

Life Design for Empty Nesters

Create a clear and inspiring vision for your "empty nest" future and get into action so you can step
powerfully and confidently into the next chapter,
a life of meaning, fulfillment and joy.


Amanda Coburn

with Certified Life Design Coaches


Dina Crawford

Imagine your empty nest future...

  • You have strong relationships with your children and the other significant people in your life.

  • Your days are filled with thoughtfully chosen and meaningful activities.

  • You are finally doing the work you love or enjoy volunteering, making a difference that makes your heart sing!

  • You are fulfilling a dream you have put on hold or exploring new hobbies.

  • You’re travelling to all those places you’ve always wanted to go to and relaxing and having fun with loved ones.

  • You have a deep sense of fulfillment and joy.  You are clear on who you are and you are living the life you’ve chosen and created for yourself. 


Dina Crawford, MHA, CLDC

I wish I’d had Life Design when I became an empty nester!    I could have saved myself a lot of time and frustration.  In addition to my children leaving home, I was also dealing with a divorce, a failed business and having to return to a career I had no passion for.

In addition to a shifting relationship with my children, I was burnt out and wondering if I was ever going to live out the things I dreamed of.  I longed for a lifestyle that included plenty of time for everything I love including creativity and travel.  And, I knew I wanted to shift to a career that would fulfill the deepest desire of my soul to share inspiration and be of service.

Eventually, about 6 years after my youngest left home, I took the leap and quit my job not knowing what was next for me. 
That wasn't easy either! I was paralyzed with uncertainty about what to do.  I feared that if I didn't figure it out I would have to go back to the soul-sucking job I had escaped. 
Along came the opportunity to participate in Life Design.  It was game changer!

Though I had been a self-help junkie and spiritual seeker for many years, Life Design accelerated my growth process and got me in action where I’d previously felt stuck. I gained the clarity and confidence I needed to propel me into the making the most of my gifts and creating a deeply fulfilling and joyful life that truly reflects what is most important to me. 

I love everything I do from being the founding president of a non-profit, to community theater and much more! 

When I found out I could become a Life Design coach myself, I didn’t hesitate for a minute. Witnessing the transformations we see everyday in the lives of our clients is an unparalleled joy!

Amanda headshot LD.jpg

Amanda Coburn, MSW, LICSW, CLDC

In my 30’s I was anxious and depressed. My life looked “perfect”. I was successful by most traditional standards: I had a college degree, good job that provided for all my needs, was well-known and respected in my career as a mental health social worker, had financially stability, owned my own home, and had a solid group of friends.

My internal experience was so different. I was stuck in an “identity crisis”. I had spent years cultivating an identity based on the expectations of others. I was a perfectionist, ridiculously responsible, serious, fiscally frugal and always working to present an image of togetherness so no one would see the real me.

It was exhausting! My protective identity was being a Shy, Old Soul, Socially Inept, Introvert.  Doesn’t that sound fun!

I participated in Life Design for the first time in my mid-30s. How eye opening!I saw how small my life had become and that I longed for so much more.

Life Design offers a powerful structure to uncover the way you have been living and identify what is getting in the way of feeling just great about your life.

How profound when I realized I was holding onto the shy, old soul, socially inept, introvert identity with pride! Why did I want to be that?! I’ve since let go of beliefs and identities that no longer serve me.

As a result, I have experienced so much more of life’s infinite opportunities. I feel lighthearted and youthful. People comment, “You’re funny!” Who knew?!  I feel at peace and experience deep, genuine connections with those around me. Life feels brilliant!

And, look at me… I’m a Life Design Coach, passionate about sharing the transformation I experienced with others.

Our Stories

What will your story be?
Don't wait to get started on designing the next chapter of your life!



Life Design For Empty Nesters

Here's what's included:


3-month LIVE INTERACTIVE  online group coaching program 

16 hours (8 two-hour Zoom sessions) of teaching, guidance and coaching.

​In these sessions you will be guided and coached through the proven step-by-step Life Design Process which will facilitate your adjustment to empty nest life and help you move purposefully and powerfully into the next chapter of your life.

Two experienced Certified Life Design Coaches (That’s two for the price of one!)

Having two experienced, Certified Life Design Coaches with unique and complementary styles and perspectives ensures that you will be able to navigate this transition with less struggle and more clarity about what’s next for you.

With the support of your two coaches will create an inspired vision that includes whatever is most important to you from maintaining strong and satisfying relationships with your children to fulfilling a dream you’ve put on hold and anything else you desire that gives your life meaning and joy!

Weekly calls (1 hour) with your personal accountability team (PAT).

Your "PAT" group provides you with a community of peers that understand, know and support you in achieving your goals on the way to creating an empty nest life that feels right for you.

Comprehensive Life Design Workbook in digital format.

The workbook keeps you organized and is full of thought-provoking and inspiring content that will keep you moving forward to achieve the goals you set so you can transition quickly and easily into your exciting next chapter.

Support from your coaches by phone/email for the duration of the course.

This support can be invaluable to help you stay on track and help you through any rough spots.  Change isn't always easy and we are committed to your success as much as you are or more!

The Life Design Program

  • Module 1: Stepping into Your Power with a Bird's Eye View

In Module 1 you will take a good look at where you are now. You’ll explore how well your life works as well as where you stand mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This gives you a launching point from which you can confidently move into creating an inspired plan for the next phase of your life.

  • Module 2: Singing Your SongDiscovering & Declaring Who You Really Are

In module 2 you focus on what is most important to you and declare your mission statement, a powerful guidance system that helps you easily navigate important decisions to ensure a meaningful and fulfilling future.

  • Module 3: Lightening the Journey --The Wind Beneath Your Wings

In Module 3 we focus on elevating your energy and expanding your mindset so you can transcend outdated habits of thought and behavior and create the highest possible vision for yourself.

  • Module 4: Stretching Your Wings--Creating an Inspiring Vision

In this module you will craft an inspired and comprehensive vision statement for every aspect of your life moving forward; where you'll live, what you'll do, how your relationships will blossom, travel plans and the fun you'll have and with whom! As the possibilities unfold before you and you create your personal flight plan, you will feel excited and confident about what's next for you, a deeply fulfilling and meaningful life you've chosen.

  • Module 5: Taking Flight with Power and Purpose

Module 5 gets you into action on the goals born out of your mission and vision to bring to life the vision you have for your empty nest life and beyond.

And that's not all!  Keep going to see the bonuses!


First, though, When and Where?
All sessions are on Zoom 6-8 pm.
March 27
April 10
April 24
May 8
May 22
June 5
June 19
June 26

What You Get!

Comprehensive Workbook to assess where you are now and create the fabulous vision of your future!

TWO Brilliant and Experienced Coaches

to teach, guide and

support you!

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16 hours of LIVE INTERACTIVE community sessions 
on Zoom where you learn, grow, laugh and
are supported in achieving your goals.

Join for Life Design for Empty Nesters!
The Life Design Program is valued at $2497 but you will pay nowhere near that because we want this to be an easy yes for you to start designing the empty nest future you desire. 
As a "Spring Forward Special", we are offering Life Design for Empty Nesters 
at this special rate!

If you enroll by March 25, you will pay only  $997! 

Or, you can make 3 monthly payments of $347.


If you are ready to get started and save yourself lots of time and frustration,  click below to invest in your meaningful and fulfilling future!


And, as promised, here are the bonuses!!!

If you enroll by March 25 you will also receive:

  • A hard copy of the Life Design Workbook free of charge! (valued at $50)

  • A 1/2 hour individual coaching call during the course of the program with the coach of your choice! (valued at $100)

Hear from our extraordinary clients!

cheryl Ryan headshot2.jpg

"Writing my own mission statement and deeply feeling the truth of those words whenever I say them is so empowering."

Cheryl R.
Health Professional, Reiki Master, Artist

I loved the way the course took me through the stages of determining what is truly most important to me. Writing my own mission statement and deeply feeling the truth of those words whenever I say them is so empowering.                                                                                                          

I now have a much higher appreciation for where I actually am in life.  I am living in the spirit of my core values, and the goals that I determined for the next few years have a much gentler tone to them.  I learned that the process, the journey, is as important as the end result.

I also loved the multi-generational aspect of the program.  Learning Life Design with people half my age was so eye opening, seeing this process unfold for younger people with specific goals was exciting. The sense of community and support for each other during our classes and calls was so inspiring.

Life Design is truly a valuable program, I am so happy and proud of myself for taking the course.

"I can’t say enough about how life changing this program was with Amanda and Dina as coaches."


Leslie B.
Psychiatric Social Worker

When I took a leap of faith and signed up for Life Design I didn’t know what to expect. I was a recent single mom going through a separation and working full time. Throughout the Life Design program I gained perspective, focus, a commitment to my goals and overall a better sense of well being.


Amanda and Dina were amazing in guiding, asking the right questions and supporting us at all times, even if we needed individual consults. The women I met through the program were amazing and I learned so much from them.


I can proudly say, I am still in touch with them and that their support also helped me achieve the goals I had set. I was invested and did the work but along the way things also “ fell into my lap” and I truly believe it was the energy and momentum of the program that had a part in it. I can’t say enough about how life changing this program was with Amanda and Dina as coaches.

Maria headshot.PNG

"Things that I thought were impossible, simply are not. I live a life filled with joy and I couldn’t be more grateful. "

Maria R.
Stay at Home Mom and
CEO and Founder of Meals with Maria

When I started life design I was struggling to balance family and work life. I felt trapped in my career and I feared I was missing out on the most valuable years of my kids lives.

Life design helped me to narrow down my top values and create a life that aligns with them. I am now at home with my children, we spend more time with family than ever before, my relationships are strong, and I am able to pursue my creative passions. Because of life design I am able to break down contexts and make decisions based on my values. Things that I thought were impossible, simply are not. I live a life filled with joy and I couldn’t be more grateful. 

Rae headshot.JPG

"How liberating it was to discover and let go of unreasonable and unnecessary expectations and to embrace with joy what I already had!"

Rae M.
Wellness Spa Owner and Energy Healer

I highly recommend Life Design with Dina and Amanda.  They are so organized, caring and supportive, you can’t help but succeed!
The outcome for me was far greater than I expected!

I had been interested in the Life Design program for a while but didn’t fully understand the depth of it when I signed up.  I went into it with a goal in mind but after completing a little more than half the program it became clear to me what I was really seeking.  How liberating it was to discover and let go of unreasonable and unnecessary expectations and to embrace with joy what I already had! 

You'll be so happy you did!


Still have questions?

If you have any questions or want to schedule a time to talk about if Life Design is for you, click here for a
complimentary consultation!

Our Joy:
Witnessing miracles in the everyday lives of extraordinary people.

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